Text in Context is an online graduate student journal and is edited by graduate students in the English Department at Southern Connecticut State University. The journal includes the selected papers from the SCSU Annual Graduate English Conference held in April each year and also welcomes selected submissions that focus on the text itself and on its function(s) and implications, inviting articles that address a range of approaches including literary analysis, poetry studies, critical theory, popular reception of  particular works, close readings, historical contexts and reception of specific works, gender studies, young adult literature, film studies, and other areas that concentrate on the text and its context, whatever its nature.

Though the journal primarily deals with English studies, we welcome original papers from other disciplines, providing those papers focus on the text and/or its context—pedagogy and instructional design, raciality, psychoanalysis, popular culture, localization of language in the brain, regional dialects and their origins, etc.

Volume 2, Issue 1 of Text in Context will include selected papers from the April 2014 Southern Connecticut State University Annual Graduate English Conference as well as scholarly articles submitted by graduate students. Text in Context also invites submissions to the section “Text in Context,” which consists of varied topics, as well as a to special section on the topic “Pop Culture in Context.” The journal also welcomes book reviews. We are seeking additional scholarly submissions to include in future issues of the publication. 

If you have questions, please contact us at textincontext.southernct@gmail.com.

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